Tiger Woods’ Triumphant Return To PNC With His Son Charlie Has Lifted The Championship Ratings Through The Roof

Tiger Woods has always attracted a lot of attention from the audience. Back in the 90s, the term “tiger effect” appeared. In 1997, CBS’s viewership doubled from 10 million to nearly 20 million as the channel broadcasted the Masters final featuring Tiger. The following year, the ratings dropped significantly since Tiger did not participate in the championship, but a year later, Woods returned, and the ratings soared to 19 million viewers.
In 2021, we were able to observe a similar effect. Tiger Woods suffered a severe leg injury in February during a traffic accident. Many golf fans worried about his sporting career and did not give up hope to see him on the course again. A couple of weeks ago, Tiger Woods took part in the PNC family tournament with his son Charlie and finished second. The very fact of their participation raised the championship rating to a record level in the last two decades. The final of the championship, broadcast on NBC, attracted 2.24 million viewers, not counting the vast number of viewers on the Internet. NBC says these are the highest numbers for a PNC championship since 2001.
These figures indicate that Tiger Woods and his son are among the most coveted for the audience of the golf world. Many old Tiger fans are delighted with his return. The younger generation enjoys watching Charlie’s first steps in big-time sports.

Source: Golf.com